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On POinT Compliance Training Center

Posted on: July 1st, 2016 by Julie

As the compliance experts, we Pride Ourselves in Training (POinT) that does more than provide a certificate.

Our CAMS certified representatives have constructed a comprehensive library of online automated training courses that goes beyond the text books and provides real-world applications, creating a higher standard of learning.

Being in the financial service industry for over 40 years, we have uncovered learning plan topics to help our merchants do more with their compliance.

The simple process starts by taking the user through an in-depth overview of the chosen topic. The learning plan applies each topic to day-to-day scenarios that the user might encounter on the job. Immediately after the course quiz is completed and passed, the employee is issued an electronic certificate of completion.

The Capital Compliance Experts Director of Compliance, Debbie Owens states that, “it is important to us that our customers fully understand the compliance rules and regulations and we understand that our customized Anti-Money Laundering Programs only work if the merchant and their employees comprehend and implement its policies and procedures.”

Owens goes on to say that, “it is our mission to certify by educating with effective and engaging content that makes an impact.”


Bank Secrecy Act

  • Know the five key reports that government requires all financial service centers to file.

Bank Terminology

  • Financial service banking terms that you need to know to talk to your banker.

Check Cashing 101

  • Discover the fundamentals of cashing checks and what to look out for to combat fraud.

Collecting Returned Checks

  • Designed to help you regain your losses as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Compliance Manager Duties

  • Covers how the Compliance Manager works together with the Compliance Officer and employees.

Compliance Management System

  • Learn how to build a strong system and avoid costly ramifications.

Compliance Officer Duties

  • Establishes the duties of the Compliance Officer and learn how to successfully manage the compliance department.

Corporate Check Cashing

  • Considered to be “high risk” check cashing, specific policies and procedures have been created that must be adhered to.

Currency Transaction Report

  • Learn how to determine what types of transactions need to be reported to avoid pricey deficiencies.

Fair Debt & Collections

  • Know the restrictions on collecting debts and what the penalties are if you do not comply.

OFAC & Responding to Law

  • Failure to adopt these procedures for screening transactions and responding to law could get you shut down.

Regulation E

  • Establishes the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of all those who participate in electronic funds transfer activities.

Suspicious Activity Reports

  • It is illegal to “turn a blind eye” and process a transaction that you know is illegal or involves funds earned from any illegal or criminal activity such as terrorism.


  • Explore how this poignant piece of legislature forever changed the financial service industry.


  • The CFPB has put policies in place regulating the lending and financial industry.

And Much More!

Contact us to get your compliance training program started.

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