The secure, online Compliance Management Portal stores and organizes all your compliance documents.

  • Custom BSA/AML Compliance Program
  • Third Party Independent Review
  • Automated training & certification
  • Digital monitoring logs
  • Calendar reminders
  • Auditor access
  • Document storage
The Compliance Management Portal

"We are committed to your compliance"


  • Access to your AML Compliance Program and Third Party Independent Review
  • Interactive online training, testing and certification for employees, Compliance Manager and Compliance Officer.
  • Automated Transaction Monitoring that identifies high right activity.
  • Organizes all requirements for independent reviews or audits.
  • Tracks all correspondence with banks and auditors.
  • Calendar reminders that notifies you when reviews, permits, registrations are due.
  • Free Tools that assists MSBs in reducing risk and gathering information.
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  • The Free Tools and Industry News sections are free.
  • When we create a Custom AML Compliance Program or perform a Third Party Independent Review for you, we’ll upload it to your custom page, along with all accompanying documents.
  • We’ll enroll each of your employees in our Online Employee Training Program, where they can complete training on their own time. You can review their progress, check their test results, and print up certificates when they have completed training.
  • If you sign up for our Annual Compliance Oversight Program, you’ll have access to the Transaction Monitoring Service, which records daily logs and SAR/CTR reports. Additionally our Calendar Reminders will keep you up to date with all reviews, permits, registrations and licensing.
  • The Correspondence Service, a feature of our Annual Compliance Oversight Program, is a convenient service allowing you to upload, store and review all letters and other correspondence with banks and auditors.
  • Upon your next Independent Review, our Annual Compliance Oversight Program will store all of the required documentation available for you in one location.

"Capital Compliance Experts’ Annual Review Program allows me to sleep at night. I know my staff is trained, we’re prepared for audits and reviews at any time, and I can always call them whenever I have a question. They keep us up to date on the constantly changing compliance policies and requirements. The price is reasonable and actually saves me money compared to an annual review."

Luis Gil, owner, La Fortuna Market, Palo Alto, CA