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Our Money Transmitter licensing (MTL) solution is designed to address the pain points experienced by MSBs when seeking licensure for one state or across multiple states. We understand the challenges of dealing with varying legal requirements, procedural hurdles, and lengthy turnaround times.


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How it Works

Our licensing team will diligently handle the entire process, from meticulous preparation and thorough submission to proactive follow-up. While the application process can be time-consuming, it’s where our expertise truly shines.

Money Transmitter Licensing (MTL)

Document Review & Submission

  • Collation, review, and submission of all required documents.
  • Coordination of necessary securities and exchange filings.
  • Assistance with obtaining bank confirmation letters.
  • Sample delegate contract and payment instrument preparation.
  • Compilation of instructions for authorized delegates and relevant lists.
  • Business entity documents, including Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreement.
  • FinCEN registration proof and a detailed business plan.

Financial Compliance

  • Assistance with obtaining financial statements and audited records.
  • Elaboration of corporate structure and business activity details.
  • Organizational charts and historical records.

Legal & Regulatory Support

  • Coordination of books and records maintenance agreements.
  • Assistance in obtaining and perfecting surety bonds.
  • Detailing of business activities and historical operations.
  • Coordination for the procurement of all necessary securities and exchange filings.
  • Preparation of the list of foreign countries for transactions.


Get Licensed

Establish or Maintain your Licenses

Each state has its own set of licensing requirements for both agents and principals. MSBs need to be licensed in many of the services they offer.

Capital Compliance Experts can assist startup and established businesses with becoming licensed in their respective states.


  • Check Casher Permit
  • Money Transmitter License(s)
  • FinCEN Registration
  • State Filings
  • And More!

The licensing process can be difficult, but we are there to help guide you every step of the way.

Capital Compliance Experts also assist with renewing existing licenses for current operating businesses. Our skilled team of experts can help keep your licenses up to date.

  • Assist and plan for state license and provincial application submissions
  • Assist with completing and/or providing quality control on license applications and required documentation
  • Manage regulatory communications with officials until your license(s) get approved
  • Prepare company on compliance needed to be a successfully regulated entity


Get Licensed

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Get Licensed

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