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Establish or Maintain your Licenses

Each state has its own set of licensing requirements for both agents and principals. MSBs need to be licensed in many of the services they offer for example Check Cashers Licenses are required in many states based on various standards. Money Transmitter businesses also must be licensed as well as most recently bitcoin principles as they are also categorized as money transmitters. Capital Compliance Experts can assist startup and established businesses with becoming licensed in their respective states. The licensing process can be difficult but we are there to help guide you every step of the way.

Capital Compliance Experts also assists with renewing existing licenses for current operating businesses. Our skilled team of experts can help keep your licences up to date.

  • Assist and plan for state license and provincial application submissions;
  • Assist with completing and/or provide quality control on license applications and required documentation;
  • Manage regulatory communications with officials until license gets approved;
  • Prepare company on compliance needed to be a successfully regulated entity;

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