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Anti-Money Laundering Online Workshop Series

Anti-Money Laundering Online Workshop Series

Posted on: September 1st, 2015 by Julie

We are pleased to present to you a free online workshop that specializes in compliance and anti-money laundering related topics.

The Anti-Money Laundering Online Workshop Series will cover what you need to know about your MSB account and what you should be doing to keep your bank happy.

The workshops include:

COMPLIANCE BASICS– Understand what compliance is and how it affects you.

Tuesday, September 29th

10 am – 11 am (PST)

BANKING FOR MSBs– Learn how to work with your bank and overcome challenges.

Thursday, October 22nd

1 pm – 2 pm (PST)

AML REQUIREMENTS– Preserve your banking relationship by following these simple steps.

Wednesday, December 2nd

10 am – 11 am (PST)

To register, email us at

We look forward to helping you preserve or repair your banking relationship!

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