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Building an Expert Team - Ariel Tejeda

Compliance Expertise From the Inside-Out

Posted on: July 13th, 2022 by Julie

Ariel Tejeda understands compliance from almost every aspect of the money services industry. He has experience working with customers seeking money services, has been the Compliance Officer of a large money services business (MSB), and is now helping other MSBs get compliant.  

Tejeda started in the industry when he was 17 years old as a customer-facing employee. For the next 14 years, he climbed through the ranks. He has been a clerk, manager, General Manager and Compliance Officer. 

During his tenure as a Compliance Officer, his main objective was to strengthen the BSA/AML compliance program for the entire organization. He sought out support from Capital Compliance Experts to help build a strong foundation for the compliance program. Through those efforts, he was able to completely transform the compliance department and create a culture of compliance that the company was severely lacking.

In 2020, the company that Tejeda dedicated the bulk of his compliance career to, permanently closed their doors. This gave him the opportunity to pursue a career that would help Compliance Officers navigate the complexities of their position. 

The President/CEO, William Souza states that, “After speaking with Ariel, we knew that he would be a great asset to have. His background lends a perspective that is incredibly useful in our line of work. Understanding what a client is doing day-in and day-out helps us know our customer better and enhances our compliance services.”

Working closely with our compliance team, Tejeda helps Compliance Officers, like he once was, build their own culture of compliance. As a bonus, Tejeda specializes in NYDFS Part 504 and transaction monitoring

The Director of Compliance, Debbie Owens, CAMS adds that,  “Ariel has been a great addition to our team. He is very skilled in his knowledge of compliance, dedicated to his craft and is incredibly diligent in his work.” 

Tejeda was fortunate to have discovered his passion early on in his career and is now helping Compliance Officers one Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program at a time. 

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