• We will work with you to address any deficiencies identified in the review
  • Committed to completing your Independent Review within your bank or IRS deadline
Third Party Independent Review Consultation

"Don't be on the wrong side of your auditor"


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  • Overview of business
  • Risk Assessment
  • Review of BSA/AML Compliance Program
  • Review of employee training & certification procedures
  • Internal monitoring systems
  • Transaction testing & analysis
  • Licensing & permits
  • Review of external audits
  • Recommendations & deficiencies
  • Review of OFAC compliance
  • Review of CTRs/SARs
  • Verification of agent agreements
  • Access to the Compliance Management Portal
  • Annual Compliance Oversight


Have you received a letter from your bank or the IRS?

We have extensive experience with, and are referred by, leading banks and auditors.

We will walk you through it!

  • Step 1: We will gather information from you regarding your business including your BSA/AML program and transaction reporting
  • Step 2: Our certified CAMS representatives will review your BSA/AML program and MSB activity
  • Step 3: Your reviewer will write up a final report for delivery to your financial institution or IRS auditor

Optionally, we can create a plan to address any deficiencies found in your Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti Money Laundering Compliance Program and can provide consulting services to help gain approval from your financial institution.

ABC Market Inc - Third Party Independent Review PDF


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A Third Party Independent Review (independent audit) requires a properly qualified professional, accounting firm or CAMS consultant, like Capital Compliance Experts, to perform the review. Click HERE to learn more.

Why do I need a Third Party Independent Review?

The independent audit assesses the level of money laundering risk for your business and provides a fair and unbiased opinion of the Anti Money Laundering compliance program meets all requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

"I did not know who to turn to for my third party independent review. My bookkeeper and lawyer couldn’t do what the bank required, and my business was at risk. The team at Capital Compliance Experts found the problems with our compliance program, and made the proper recommendations that met all of the requirements my bank has for MSB services. Thank you Capital Compliance Experts!"

Abel Jimenez, owner, Los Mexicanos, Oakland, CA